Steven Stock

Meet Steve. Steve is one of the owners at Fit My Life and has been working as a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA for eight years, Steve also attended Mike Boyles program to become a certified functional strength coach to gain a more diverse background in training a multitude of individuals. Steve also served in the Coast Guard working as a health and wellness coordinator. Steve has a deep passion in helping anyone and everyone reach their health goals by doing things the right way. He has a fitness background in many different areas and enjoys helping to motivate people to step out of their comfort zone when they are ready.


Aaron Hayes

Working in the fitness industry takes a special type of person. Someone who is driven by others success, and strives to push people farther than they ever thought possible. Aaron’s passion for training grows with every client he meets. No matter your goals; weight loss, bodybuilding, sport specific movements, or just to have better physical and mental health, Aaron has your back. Aaron promises to do everything in his power to get you there. Aaron is certified as a personal trainer through The International Sports Science Association, ISSA. He received my certification in 2016, and has been helping people since. Aaron has a background in athletics, as well as working with and competing in Men’s Physique Competitions. Aaron’s goal is to help you see your true potential, and walk with you till you get there.

Jon Ruegg

Welcome our new trainer Jon Ruegg a.k.a. “RAMBO”

New to the training game but no stranger to pushing himself and cheering on others in the gym. Jon has carried a passion for exercise and fitness for over 10 years and recently decided to get his certification. Jon worked in Law Enforcement 8 years before he decided to move to TC and peruse a different career. Jon also has a background in military/paramilitary workout regimes giving him a unique skill set. If there is one quote Jon could share with the FML family, it would be “Mind over Matter”! If you see Jon training or getting a workout in say hello!

Dan Tanis

Meet Dan! Dan has been working in the fitness industry since 2014. He is a licensed physical therapist assistant and is a certified trainer through ISSA. He is working on his Bachelors in Sports and Health Sciences from AMU and plans to attend Rocky Mountain University for is Masters in Sports Performance. Dan recently completed an initial 12 week internship with world record holding powerlifter, Matt Wenning. He has also been in the United States Army for 6 years where he is his current units fitness coordinator. Dan is also certified in applied functional science and the Graston technique. Dan aspires to help people get strong for everyday life. He enjoys working with firefighters, police officers and members of the military.

Melissa Socia

It was purely a love for movement, competition and setting personal goals that led Melissa to pursue a career in health and wellness. For 20 years she has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clientele in diverse settings from your traditional gym to corporate wellness programs. She enjoys determining the individual needs of her customers and nudging them towards the path of success. With this passion, Melissa has learned how to uncover what makes people tick and what makes a successful training program.

Melissa not only holds a B.S. in Exercise Science from Michigan State University but she also has a Certification in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute and is a certified Health and Wellness Coach. Developing the well-rounded program is her goal for you.

Socia’s energy, positive attitude and huge heart, combined with her diverse experience, make her a natural for assisting you with creating your dream and mapping your goals to achieve your ultimate vision.

As a well-being specialist Melissa believes in walking the talk. Physical activity, healthy eating and quality downtime are important pillars in her life. In her spare time you will find her out in the woods on her mountain bike enjoying nature, curled up at home with a good book, or scoping out the farmer’s market for the freshest whole food she can find.


Kyle Bevelhymer

Meet our NEW TRAINER, but lifelong gym member,

Kyle Bevelhymer!!!

Kyle has been strength training and lifting weights for over 11 years. In 2016 Kyle decided to start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to widen his array and capabilities when it came to fitness.

Kyle is a certified personal trainer through the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association).Kyles burning passion for fitness combined with a unique skill set in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has allowed him to bring strength training classes to martial artists in Traverse City at The Warrior Combat Academy as well as Fit My Life. With that operation running smoothly Kyle now looks forward to teaching dynamic movement and strength training to the clients at FML. If you think your workouts are creative, wait until you see what this guy has in store!


Kyler Bradley

Kyler Bradley is a proud owner of Fit My Life along with Steve and Aaron. From an early age Kyler knew he would be involved in the fitness industry one way or another. Kyler’s love for fitness grew as he entered college but It wasn’t until sophomore year at Michigan State he realized his true passion was to help others discover the benefits of being healthy and active. Graduating with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology Kyler now had the tools he needed to be a top notch personal trainer. After graduation Kyler moved up to Traverse City to pursue his career path as a trainer as well as enjoy the outdoor activities of biking, paddle boarding, etc. that Traverse City has to offer. Since the move north Kyler has grown his clientele enormously as a trainer but more importantly Kyler has helped to empower, educate and inspire each client that has entered the doors of Fit My Life. With a wealth of training knowledge and an immense interest in business Kyler is looking to expand the gym to meet its full potential! Kyler may come across as the “nice one” but just ask his clients and you will find out he puts them through the ringer!

Austin Lambert

If there is one thing Austin Lambert knows its sports. From learning, to competing, to teaching Austin Lambert has loved sports his entire life. Austin competed in powerlifting and took first in three weight classes with a total of 1300lbs. Austin has also competed in Michigan amateur M.M.A and have gone 6-2 in the cage.

Austin knew he could get himself in tip top shape but it wasn’t until he started to pursue his personal training certification that he found out he had a knack to help others as well. Austin spent 2 months studying, applying and reviewing the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) material before he took his test, of course he passed with flying colors. Austin is now training full time at Fit My Life. You can find him teaching strength and conditioning, boxing and circuit training classes! He also takes on clients for personal training if you are looking for that one on one vibe! You will not find a more amped up, pumped up trainer that has a firm knowledge of health and fitness!


Rhonda Brandt

Rhonda moved to Traverse City in 1999 after leaving position with the Department of children and family services for Lake and McHenry Counties in Illinois where I worked for 16yrs. My Salvation while working in child protection was running and lifting. While raising 2 boys I would sub at a local gym, that is when I began to take fitness seriously. Rhonda brings her all out enthusiasm to every session. Even if she may be running on E, she certainly does not show it. Rhonda is certified in many different fitness niches so her training display a ton of diversity. If there is one person to coach you thought exercises with many kind words of encouragement, its Rhonda!


Liz Belt

Liz has been working and training in the fitness field for over 12 years. Liz has earned a BS in Health and Fitness Management and was an NSCA certified trainer for 8 years- Liz has also spent over 12 years of my life in the Army.

Liz enjoys working with athletes and serious clients, but her passion lies in assisting any client (at any fitness level) who is learning to climb over the barriers that stop them from doing the things they love. Liz believes that practicing the physical principles that make us stronger influence positive change in the way that we think about ourselves and our everyday lives. A strong belief Liz has is thinking we should not compare ourselves to others; no matter your fitness level or experience, everyone is battling something. Liz loves to physically kick people’s butts, however, her favorite win with clients is when she sees them begin to talk to themselves the way they truly deserve. Cheers.